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QNAP TDS-16489U-SE1-R2 Dual CPU and dual OS system: A perfect NAS solution for high-performance computing

QNAP TDS-16489U-SE1-R2 Dual CPU and dual OS system: A perfect NAS solution for high-performance computing

CPU: E5-2620 v4 8-core 2.1 GHz processor x2, RAM: 64GB RDIMM DDR4 (MAX 1TB), Flash Menory 4GB, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Port x4, Gigabit Ethernet Port x2, USB 3.2 Gen 1 port x4, IPMI x3 (LAN, VGA, console), PCIe slot x4, 5 Years Warranty


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Dual CPU and dual OS system: A perfect NAS solution for high-performance computing and storage by using the QES or QTS operating system

intel-xeon_E vm-ready citrix-ready windows_2016 openstack veeam_ready

Integrating an application server and storage server into one system, the next-generation TDS-16489U R2 also provides you with the option of using either QES (an enterprise-grade OS that provides efficient and reliable storage for mission-critical tasks) or QTS (a feature-rich OS for storage and diverse application servers). Whether being used as a file server, virtualization server, VDI, medium-sized data center, video streaming, surveillance storage, and efficient file backup & recovery, the flexible TDS-16489U R2 with dual CPU and dual OS options is your ideal solution.

Install PCIe cards to increase application performance, including 40GbE/ 25GbE/ 10GbE adapters, Fibre Channel cards, and graphics cards.

QES ensures data integrity with self-healing and uses end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption.

QES supports data deduplication and compression to optimize storage utilization and data access performance.

QES supports near-limitless snapshots and SnapSync for efficient remote backup & disaster recovery solution.

Reliable storage for virtualization. QTS supports hosting VMs and containers; QES supports block-level storage for OpenStack® environments.

QTS supports software-defined SSD over-provisioning to improve write performance for IOPS-demanding applications.

Available Models

  1. TDS-16489U-SE1-R2

    Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v4 eight-core 2.1 GHz processors (burst up to 3.0 GHz), 64 GB DDR4 RAM (8 GB x8)

Multiplied computing power with dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors

Built for data-intensive applications and demanding workloads, the TDS-16489U R2 is powered by dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 multi-core processors, up to 1 TB quad-channel DDR4 2133MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM RAM (Long-DIMM x16), and 12Gb/s SAS drive support to deliver outstanding performance for data transmission and applications. While providing the power to handle CPU-demanding tasks and everyday application needs such as virtualization, video surveillance, and media streaming, the TDS-16489U R2's unrivaled performance provides the ability for businesses to improve their Big Data computing to explore greater business opportunities.

Extraordinary hardware design. Immense, reliable & innovative

  • 1: Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors
  • 2: Quad-channel DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM RAM
  • 3: 3x SAS 12Gb/s controllers
  • 4: 4x 2.5-inch SSD slots
  • 5: IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
  • 6: 4x 10GbE SFP+ ports
  • 7: 4x PCIe slots

Convertible NAS that supports two operating systems

The TDS-16489U R2 provides flexibility to choose from two operating systems, enabling businesses to deploy an operating system that fits their needs and goals in different stages.


QNAP Enterprise System
OS Kernel FreeBSD Linux
File system ZFS Ext4
Snapshot upper limit 65535 1024
Remote disaster backup and recovery SnapSync Snapshot Replica
Deduplication Deduplicate backup data at the source
(Hybrid Backup Sync 3.0)
Real-time data compression
End-to-end data integrity
Qtier (Auto Tiering)
Application services
(Virtualization Station, Web Server, multimedia service, etc.)
App Center
Application scenarios • Reliable storage for mission-critical business tasks.
• The perfect backup storage for the dual-controller Enterprise ZFS NAS.
• High-performance storage with SSD and Qtier technology for maximized cost-efficiency.
• Storage for hosting virtual machines and containerized applications.
• Application server using QTS services (Web server, VPN server, FTP server, etc).

1. Either QES or QTS can be installed at a time.
2. Switching between operating systems requires reinitializing the disks. Ensure that all data is backed up before switching operating systems.

Abundant I/O capabilities with PCIe expansion

The TDS-16489U R2 features four PCIe slots (3 x PCIe Gen3 x8, 1 x PCIe Gen3 x16) that allow for the usage of various expansion cards to expand application potential.

40GbE/25GbE/10GbE NICs

Enable lightning-fast throughout for bandwidth-demanding tasks such as virtualization, massive data transmission, and fast backup/restoration. Empower the NAS with iSER support by installing Mellanox® SmartNICs.

Learn More: Network expansion cards (Mellanox)

Fibre Channel adapters

Create a Fibre Channel SAN for tackling IOPS-demanding applications and workflows that require reliable, on-time data delivery.

Note: Fibre Channel support is available from QTS 4.4.1 (and later), but not supported by QES.

QM2 cards

Add M.2 SATA or NVMe SSDs for caching to optimize NAS performance.

Learn More: QM2,Qtier

Graphics cards

Accelerate QTS video processing and transcoding, GPGPU computing, and support GPU-passthrough to VMs.

Learn More: QuAI

12 Gb/s SAS HBA

Designed for connecting the TDS-16489U R2 to REXP expansion units for up to 1 PB storage capacity.

Learn More: Storage expansion compatibility

QES - Designed for high-end enterprise IT environments

Suited for enterprise-level storage with maximized business continuity by adopting ZFS that focuses on data integrity.

QES supports deduplication and compression to maximize VDI storage performance

QES supports block-based data deduplication to reclaim storage used by redundant/repeated data and in-line data compression to shrink file sizes. Both functions optimize storage utilization and provide cost savings for businesses when using SSDs (particularly for all-flash storage deployment). In VDI environments where there could be over 90% duplicate data from OS images and applications that are spread over virtual desktops, deduplicated virtual desktops become easier to be cached to achieve optimal virtual desktop performance.


QES streamlines remote backups with nearly limitless snapshots and SnapSync

QES supports up to 65,535 snapshots for iSCSI LUN and shared folders (if 1 snapshot is created every hour, 24 snapshots per day, then up to 7 years worth of snapshots can be created without needing to delete any), and replicates snapshots to remote servers by using block-level SnapSync. In the event of a primary site failure, the complete and efficient SnapSync assists businesses to resume essential services in the shortest time.

Business Continuity

Copy-on-write technology makes QES snapshot creation almost instantaneous without affecting ongoing data writing. SnapSync supports incremental backups, real-time deduplication and compression. The source TDS-16489U R2 will perform deduplication before compressing the metadata to reduce synchronized data and save bandwidth resources.


VMware SRM

SnapSync supports VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) that offers enterprise-class remote backup & disaster recovery solution for virtual applications. With the Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for SRM, operation overheads of the ESXi® server can be offloaded to the QNAP storage array to accelerate and simplify virtual machine backup and restoration.


Ideal backup NAS for Enterprise ZFS NAS

When running the QES operating system, the TDS-16489U R2 is the perfect backup storage for the dual-controller Enterprise ZFS NAS using SnapSync. If the Enterprise ZFS NAS unexpectedly stops, the TDS-16489U R2 can immediately recover all the backed up data locally to take over operations and services with minimized RTO (Recovery time objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). It prevents the downtime required to restore data from a remote QTS NAS/rsync server back to the recovered Enterprise ZFS NAS.


QES is OpenStack Ready to explore out-of-the-box enterprise cloud services

QES supports OpenStack® Cinder and Manila file sharing services. With the QNAP Cinder Driver, the TDS-16489U R2 can provide block-level storage space to virtual machines. It not only accelerates the deployment of virtual machines and enhances virtual machine image access efficiency through iSCSI, but it is also easier to integrate into commercial cloud storage platforms.


QTS - Empowering storage for the high-speed era

Ideal for flexible virtualization deployment, application expandability, and storage optimization with auto-tiered architecture.



QuDedup technology deduplicates data at the source, helping to reduce the time and storage space needed for backup.



Seamlessly connect local storage with cloud object storage to easily backup local application data to the cloud.



Enabling local caching on NAS for low-latency access to the connected cloud services.



Integrated AI algorithm for auto photo organization and a powerful search tool for more intuitive and streamlined photo management.

Build an affordable Fibre Channel SAN environment

Common Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Networks) devices are often expensive. Now you have more budge-friendly options to easily add your NAS to a SAN environment. Once a Marvell®, ATTO® or QNAP Fibre Channel card has been installed in the TDS-16489U R2, you can set a Fibre Channel Target using the iSCSI & Fibre Channel app, and leverage the many benefits from QNAP NAS including snapshot protection, Qtier™ tiering storage, SSD cache acceleration and more. In addition, the LUN Masking and Port Binding features provide an additional layer of security for your data.

Note: Fibre Channel support is available from QTS 4.4.1 (and later), but not supported by QES.

Learn More: QNAP NAS supports Fibre Channel SAN


QTS supports comprehensive virtualization for utmost IT efficiency

Storage for virtualization

The TDS-16489U R2 supports VMware®, Citrix®, Microsoft® Hyper-V® and Windows Server® 2016 virtualization applications. VMware® VAAI and Microsoft® ODX are also supported to increase performance by offloading server loading for ESXi server and Hyper-V respectively, and the QNAP vSphere Client plug-in and QNAP SMI-S provider add enhanced operational efficiency and management in virtualization applications.

Learn More: Storage for virtualization


Application server virtualization

Use Virtualization Station to host multiple virtual machines for various services, for example Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft® SQL Server®, and Active Directory Windows Server®. Big Data tools such as Apache™ Hadoop® and Apache Spark™ can also be easily deployed on the TDS-16489U R2 with Container Station or Virtualization Station.

Learn More: Virtualization Station,Container Station


QTS fulfills complete backup planning

The TDS-16489U R2 provides a reliable, flexible backup & disaster recovery solution to assist organizations in routine backup jobs with cost-efficiency and high productivity.

  Hybrid Backup Sync

Consolidates backup, restoration and synchronization for easily transferring NAS data to local, remote and cloud storage spaces. The new Hybrid Backup Sync 3.0 adds support for data deduplication at the source, multiple version backup, and TCP BBR to improve backup efficiency.

Learn More: Hybrid Backup Sync

Snapshots for Volume & LUN

Snapshots are essential for NAS data protection, and their block-level feature makes them a dependable method for protecting data in the face of the growing threat of ransomware. The TDS-16489U R2 supports up to 256 snapshots per volume/LUN, and up to 1,024 snapshots per NAS.

Learn More: Volume & LUN snapshots

VM backup

With high performance, potentially huge storage capacities, integrated virtualization solutions, and support for snapshots that record the state of the system at any time, the TDS-16489U R2 is perfect for backing up virtual machines.

Learn More: VM backup

Attain enterprise-grade SSD performance levels from affordable consumer SSDs

QTS supports software-defined SSD extra over-provisioning (OP) that allows you to allocate additional OP space (from 1% to 60%) to optimize random write speeds and to extend SSD lifespan. Now you can use affordable consumer SSDs for the TDS-16489U R2, adjust the SSD OP, and potentially attain performance and endurance levels similar to enterprise-grade SSDs to enjoy faster file backups, optimized virtualization applications, and smoother multimedia workflows.

Learn More: SSD extra over-provisioning

Scenario File Server Web, Application, Virtualization Server Synchronization, Video Editing Surveillance, Backup, Log Server Business Critical Database
SSD Configuration Qtier Qtier Read Write Cache Write-Only Cache SSD RAID
SSD OP 10% 20% 20% 30% 30%

Use QVR Pro to deploy a professional security surveillance system

QNAP's QVR Pro surveillance solution supports over 5,000 IP cameras, including all of the standard fisheye cameras available on the market. There are more advanced features for fully unleashing the potential of fisheye cameras: allowing a single fisheye camera’s image to be simultaneously viewed in nine channels from different angles, and cross-platform hardware-accelerated decoding for fisheye camera images. QVR Pro ensures higher surveillance performance for greater security while providing deployment flexibility and budget-savings. 8 free channel licenses are provided, and can be expanded up to 128 channels* by purchasing additional licenses.

*The maximum number of channels supported varies by NAS model, network configuration, and camera settings. For more information, visit

Learn More: QVR Pro


Virtualization Certifications Supported by TDS-16489U R2

Check QNAP NAS with Support for Virtualization application


Standard 5-year warranty

The TDS-16489U R2 is backed by a 5-year warranty at no extra cost. This premier warranty demonstrates QNAP’s dedication to your essential business needs for continuous operations and non-interrupted services.

Learn More: QNAP warranty services


Hardware Specificaton


CPU E5-2620 v4 8-core 2.1 GHz processor x2
*Available with customization requirement
CPU Architecture 64-bit x86
Floating Point Unit
Encryption Engine (AES-NI)
Hardware-accelerated Transcoding QTS: Optional via a PCIe graphics card
System Memory 64GB RDIMM DDR4 (8 x 8GB)
Maximum Memory RDIMM/LRDIMM: 1 TB (16 x 64 GB)
Memory Slot 16 x Long-DIMM DDR4
You can only use one type of dual in-line memory module (DIMM) at a time. Do not use registered DIMM (RDIMM) with load-reduction DIMM (LRDIMM) memory.
For the memory installation guidelines, see chapter 5 of the TDS-16489U User Guide.
Flash Memory 4GB (DOM for dual OS)
Drive Bay Front: 16 x 3.5-inch
Rear: 4 x 2.5-inch
Drive Compatibility 3.5-inch bays:
3.5-inch SATA/SAS hard disk drives
2.5-inch SATA/SAS hard disk drives
2.5-inch SATA/SAS solid state drives

2.5-inch bays:
2.5-inch SATA/SAS solid state drives
SSD Cache Acceleration Support
Gigabit Ethernet Port (RJ45) 2
For a list of compatible network adapters, please visit the Compatibility List.
For instructions on how to install network adapters, please refer to Chapter 6 of the QNAP NAS Hardware Manual.
10 Gigabit Ethernet Port 4 x 10GbE SFP+
Wake on LAN (WOL)
Jumbo Frame
PCIe Slot 4
Slot 1: PCIe Gen 3 x16
Slot 2: PCIe Gen 3 x8
Slot 3: PCIe Gen 3 x8
Slot 4: PCIe Gen 3 x8
USB 3.2 Gen 1 port 4
IPMI 3 (LAN, VGA, console)
*Only work with QTS OS
Form Factor 3U Rackmount
LED Indicators HDD 1-16, Status, 10 GbE, LAN, storage expansion port status
Buttons Power, Reset
Dimensions (HxWxD) 130.8 × 444 × 744 mm
Weight (Net) 22.42 kg
Weight (Gross) 30.19 kg
Operating temperature 0 - 40 °C (32°F - 104°F)
Relative Humidity 5-95% RH non-condensing, wet bulb: 27˚C (80.6˚F)
Power Supply Unit Redundant/ Hot Swap ATX Power Supply,Input:
50-60 Hz
100-127V~/ 10A
200-240V/ 5A
Output: 770W
Power Consumption: HDD Sleep Mode 254.21 W
Power Consumption: Operating Mode, Typical 362.86 W
Tested with drives fully populated.
Fan 4 x 60mm, 12VDC
Sound Level 37.8 db(A)
System Warning Buzzer
Max. Number of Concurrent Connections (CIFS) QTS: 1500
QES: 1500

Note: Use only QNAP memory modules to maintain system performance and stability. For NAS devices with more than one memory slot, use QNAP modules with identical specifications. Warning: Using unsupported modules may degrade performance, cause errors, or prevent the operating system from starting.
* Sound Level Test Environment: Refer to ISO 7779; Maximum HDD loaded; Bystander Position; Average data from 1 meter in front of operating NAS.
Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Software Specificaton

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